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"I have always believed in the holistic approach of Homoeopathy so when I found myself struggling with the stresses, pressures and events in life which caused a level of depression I couldn't cope with I made contact with Angela. Immediately after the first consultation I felt more hopeful than I had for a long while simply because of her non-judgemental manner, her calm and gentle questioning which made everything I was feeling and saying seem reasonable, her ability to judge when I needed to talk and her confident assurance that I could, and would, be restored to 'health'. The remedies arrived within 2 days with clear and simple instructions and considerable improvement arrived a few days later (although further consultations were needed in both our opinions). I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Angela and it is my pleasure to do so as my life has been improved so very much as a result of meeting with her." JW
"Angela is extremely helpful and easy to talk to. I was unsure to begin with how homeopathy would help me and my new born baby but Angela explained everything in detail and gave me options to choose from. My daughter and I are now much better and I feel many of the treatments and also the counselling Angela offered helped me a lot. Thanks" HM
For years I’ve had a very serious mental illness but now I’m feeling a lot better with myself. Thanks to Angela and homeopathy. From a very greatful MJL
Angela Maughan Homeopathy was recommended to me by a friend. Angela helped me turn my life around and got me back on my feet through homeopathy. I find her very easy to talk to, and she made sure that appointments fitted around my schedule which helped me a lot. I would recommend her to anyone.  - LB, Dundee
Angela Maughan